Ozz-Discovery is a new concept in Autodiscovery software. It provides pre-packaged interfaces into many different telecom devices such as Alcatel, Tellabs, Motorola and Nortel telecommunication equipment.

Ozz-Discovery includes the revolutionary proprietary discovery scripting language called OzzScript. With OzzScript it means you have complete flexibility over how devices are discovered and consequently can recover from almost any error condition that may occur during your data collection, including disconnection from the device, with customizable responses.

At OSS Software we have embraced the open source paradigm to help bring you the most up to date, reliable software available, open source libraries used by Ozz-Discovery include J2SSH & JEdit Where appropriate we also use some commercial vendors such as JIDE.


There has never been a product like Ozz-Discovery before:

  • Ozz-Discovery provides very high security for Ozz-Script discovery probes and encrypts them in the database rather than as flat files.
  • Scripts can be saved locally on your PC,Mac or Linux machine.  They can also be saved to a centralized database server using any database you choose.  In just a few clicks, your OzzScript can be deployed and synchronized with any number of servers around the world.
  • The data discovered via Ozz-Discovery can be flexibly transferred to any outside database.
  • The Ozz-Discovery mechanisms can already collect and parse many standard telecommunication devices. The number of supported devices is always growing and device support can be added by the end user or customised by OSS Software staff.
  • Ozz-Discovery can be customized to support almost any socket based interface, including telnet, TL1, X.25 and other protocols.
  • Ozz-Discovery is packaged as a Java Archive file (.JAR) and can consequently run cross platform (Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows).
  • Ozz-Discovery provides an Ozz-Script development environment which supports language based syntax highlight that allows you identify problems quickly and easily.Multiple scripts can be opened and edited.
  • Ozz-Discovery provides easy to use Java APIs to enable Ozz-Discovery to used externally.



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